As a Digital Nomad, you spend a good portion of your life looking for accommodation.

Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes it’s not.

Looking for the best prices, coolest locations and fastest wifi takes some serious time and dedication. But what if you could tap into the knowledge of nomads all over the world?

Belooga makes finding accommodation easy!

Airbnb can be great in some cities, in others you spend hours trawling through facebook groups or driving through town on your rented scooter.

Belooga makes finding your next home easy, with landlord contact details, wifi speeds, and places to work from closeby. Discover accommodation tried and tested by the digital nomad community, and contribute to the platform!

Belooga was born out of our own experiences as digital nomads. We understand how important it is to find somewhere you can work productively, have all your creature comforts, and connect with your community.

We wanted to make life easier so we can all spend more time enjoying the journey, rather than planning it. Meet the team behind Belooga and get in touch if you have any suggestions, questions or if you want to catch up over a coffee or beer somewhere in the world.


Southern Italian. Traveler. Footballer. Boulderer. Serial Eater. He travels to locations where the sun shines and the food makes his Mamma proud. Web developer, creative by definition and digital entrepreneur.
Half-asian Dutchie. Globetrotter. Singer & Songwriter. Foodie. Writer. UX Strategist and Designer, creating the best user experiences imaginable..
Dutch/ Portuguese wifi junkie, find her wherever the sun DOES shine and try to beat her at Fussball if you dare. Favourite food: All of it. Ah right, and she's been an Online Marketer for 8 years, nomadic since May 2015.